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Annecy Haute Savoie Athlétisme brings a large number of runners, volunteers, judges and managers to promote a passion for athletics and running in the beautiful city of Annecy.

Annecy Haute Savoie Athlétisme


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President of the Annecy Haute Savoie Athletics Club

Raphaël STOJIC

Raphaël STOJIC

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A story of passion

How it all began

1980 – 1987 :

  • Creation of the Lake Annecy Marathon in 1980 by Joel GRUZ, president of the Athletic Club of Annecy (ACA)
  • 1st official Marathon on 20 April 1980 with 185 classified runners
  • Organisation of events until 1987

1988 – 1990 :

  • Merger in 1988 of the ACA and the Salésienne Athlétisme which becomes the Salésienne Athlétic Club
  • Organisation of events until 1990

Our President

A word from Claude Plisson:

We are proud of our 40 years of experience in the event industry. Today, as head of the new organising team, I wish to highlight the skills of each person. 

It is by focusing our work on sharing that we will be able to move forward and invent or reinvent the events of tomorrow. 

Athletes, volunteers, parents, children, coaches, judges, wherever you are or whatever your age, join us.

Annecy Haute Savoie Athletics, a club open to ALL and a school of life !

How everything continued

1993 – 2021 :

  • Merger in 1993 of the Salésienne Athlétique Club and the Club Athlétique Ambilly, Cluses et St Julien en Genevois.
  • Creation of the brands in 2014 to protect the events and offer you the best possible experience.
  • New management team in place by end of 2020
  • Resumption of post COVID events on 25 & 26 September 2021 

A passion that is passed on

Alone we go faster, together we go further. The AHSA is first and foremost the history of a group based on sharing and transmission.

  • The coaches pass on to the athletes
  • The athletes pass on to the younger ones and to the public
  • The volunteers pass on to the runners
  • The club passes on to its partners, etc.

A never-ending cycle that allows us to understand the human value and the importance of passion.

Be the master of your life and if our philosophy fits you then join us and push yourself !

Participate in this sporting adventure


Sign up and join our team as a volunteer to run and supervise our sports events. The success of these events depends largely on your motivation.