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General Information

Our concern is that you are in the best shape of your life during the events. We provide you with training sessions so that you have the keys to your success. These trainings are general and should be adapted to your pace.
The secret of a successful race is to respect your pace!

RunMotion Coach is the leading French coaching application. Based in the Alps, the company was founded by coaches and high-level runners, including Guillaume ADAM, 1st Frenchman in the 2019 New York Marathon and winner of the Ultra Trail “XXL Race” in 2021.
RunMotion Coach’s expertise lies in its scientific approach and unique interaction with a virtual coach.
Be ready for your race with a tailored training programme and motivation.
In the registration process for the Lake Annecy Marathon you will benefit from preferential conditions.
All you have to do is run !

Parc des sports

Retrouvez nous au parc des sports pour vous entrainer avec des professionnels et ainsi dépasser vos limites !


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